RM06 Rebirth Maximum Placenta and Whitening Gift Set

RM06 Rebirth Maximum Placenta and Whitening Gift Set

Rebirth Maximum

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Comprising 3 of our BEST SELLERS in a gift set pack that will work a miracle on signs of tiredness and ageing to return a natural glow in your skin in as little as 14 days! 

All your daily skincare needs in one convenient and beautiful package - apply on freshly washed skin day and night to see results. 

Advanced Placenta Concentrate (50ml) RMO1
Advanced Placenta Concentrate is an exceptional cream containing a unique blend of rich nutrients, vitamins, and emollients including concentrated placenta protein, squalene, V. E and liposomes that revive the skin. Use as a day cream, suitable for aging skin.

Emu Whitening Concentrate (50ml) RM02

Advanced Emu Treatment is a superb cream enriched with Emu Oil Concentrate, V. E, and Liposomes. Emu oil is renowned for carrying cosmetic compounds deep into the skin tissue for intense hydration and nourishment. Use as a night cream, suitable for aging skin.

Placenta Extract Concentrated Skin Serum (25ml) RM05
A skin serum containing concentrated pure and natural placenta extract derived from sheep. Placenta extract is a rich source of bioactive nutrients providing intense hydration whilst firming the skin and diminishing age spots and pigmentation.