About Bellahaus

Our Story

Bellahaus was started with one goal in mind – to bring premium but less well-known beauty brands to Singapore. We believe that the market is dominated by many brands that spend way more money on marketing than on product development.

Our aim is to introduce brands that have quality and superior products because they focus on research and development, and not on marketing and advertising.

These products are well-known and popular in their originating countries and we hope that by bringing them to Singapore, our customers will have more choices and know that they are paying for what goes into the jar. As we are distributors for these brands, we are able to offer them at lower prices and pass on the savings to our customers too – a double bonus!

At Bellahaus, we try each of these products ourselves and have found them to be high quality and value-for-money products that can easily rival other more expensive brands already in the market. We will continue to source for affordable and quality products, so keep an eye out for new additions to our shop.

We believe that good skincare and beauty products need not be expensive.

A beautiful life starts here, at Bellahaus.